Why Instagram is My Favorite

Instagram is my favorite social media platform, both to work on and for consumption. It is one of the easiest platforms to use and to learn, it may take a while to get proficient and be able to achieve returns from the platform but to me it is well worth the cost. I regularly see items or photos on Instagram that make me want that product or to recreate the photos. For me it is a community that requires the simplest of effort. You like the photo or you don't, you comment or you don't, you share or you don't and there is no obligation from family to like everything.

I find I can be myself on Instagram more than any other platform. I do not have to try to be perfect, I do not have to pretend to be innocent because my family is watching. It is the only platform that is completely for and about me. I use it as a sort of photo diary.

Instagram is beautiful for companies or individuals it allows you to connect with your current audiences in new ways as well as reach potential new audiences for a fairly cheap price or free.

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