So you need a content calendar?

A social content calendar is any layout that can include at least a weeks’ worth of social content for any platform. This includes websites, blogs, podcasts, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The absolute best part of a social content calendar or a content calendar in general is it is completely dependent on what you want or need. Customization is the name of the game and content calendars take that into consideration. Templates can be found anywhere and everywhere, find the one that works the best for you and then customize it more to what you need. Or if you want to make it perfect, make your own. Google docs or Excel are the perfect bases for a social content calendar.

When it comes to what to put on your content calendar a good start is to include holidays and a few of the “created” international/national days that are relevant to your brand or universally loved. This is the step that many people often forget about or just don’t care about. They will post content about international zoo appreciation day when they are an animal rights group, they need to think before they post. You also want to schedule content you have created like ads or promotional videos or simply updates about your life if it a lifestyle business because it creates a connection to your potential customers.

This is all to help keep you organized and make your life efficient. The connection to your potential customers is just an added bonus.

Template 1

Template 2

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