Finally A Meeting

I work for a restaurant with a few different locations in and around the Denver area. I love this company but currently they do no marketing at all, and with my degree being in marketing, I find this to be blasphemous.

The company has been around for 19 years now and they have had amazing results, to the point where they have opened 7 restaurants now, but business is finally starting to die down. I think this is because the market is becoming saturated with foreign cuisine in both upscale and more down-to-earth style restaurants. With the added lack of marketing she does the company is loosing its edge.

I decided to take some initiative and made a full marketing plan for the entire company, and after weeks of trying to get a meeting with the owner and a few missed meetings. I have finally gotten a meeting today at 2:15pm. I have worked on this plan for weeks, updating and tweaking this entire time, to make it perfect and to make it more likely that I can convince the owner to let me take over the marketing for the company.

I will update after the meeting and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck everyone.


It did not go as planned, the owner says they can not afford marketing at this time but she is going to look into any social media things I can do to help them and she will pay me for that.

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